The Road to Chaisa is paved with good intentions

Paper, plastic, metal, maggots, human waste. You can smell it long before you can see it, but no matter what direction you look, its all you see. To get across the ravine, there is a small bridge made of mismatched logs, covered by a flimsy sheet of jagged sheet metal that is contorted and rusted thin. A Tetanus shot waiting to happen. In the middle of the city is a one room church with a dirt floor, a dozen or so long wooden benches for pews, and missing doors and windows that eventually keep the smell out but always let the hot sun in. Welcome to Chaisa.

Flipped the Script? I Killed it!! (before it killed me)

  I'm waiting nervously in the basement of a worn down community center, eating chocolate chip cookies from a napkin and drinking bitter black coffee from a styrofoam cup. From a semi-circle of cold metal fold-up chairs I stand and wipe my sweaty palms on my jeans, take a long deep breath, and make my confession... "My name is Dawn... Continue Reading →

380 dpi Memory — A Year in Pictures

As I looked through my “Year in Pictures” for today’s ThinkKit prompt* there were some great ones, for sure – yoga on the beach, kickball in Africa, concert and party pics – things I’ll never forget, even without a high resolution reminder. But one theme stood out above the rest. In fact, I’d say it’s more than a theme – more like a disturbing pattern... I haven't been using my camera to capture memories, I’ve been using it AS my memory! A cognitive crutch.

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