Day One. Again

The first day of a new year can feel a lot like the first day of a new job.  A fresh start. A clean slate. A moment in time when the unknown feels confidently better than what you’ve known so far. When uncertainty and optimism merge into endless opportunities and the road ahead assumes little resemblance to the double white lines in your rear view mirror. 

Document the moment. Pop the cork. Let the milestone mark the beginning and the end. It’s day one. Again. 

How many day ones will you need?  Can you only get where you’re going with the turning of a calendar page or creation of a new username and password? Maybe. If time and place are the only things keeping you from the future you envisioned. But they probably aren’t.

Maybe what you really need is a day 71. Who knows, day 216 might be the day you master whatever it is you thought you would have mastered by now if only you had the _(pick any obstacle, real or imagined) . Maybe the cork-popping happens for you on day 366.  Do you really want to miss that?  

What if day one is more of a mindset than a milestone or a mulligan. What if, instead of a complete stopping of one thing and starting of another, it’s just another day to continue the journey you’re already on. To recommit to the original on-boarding. A day where the next day (or the next) reveals all the possibilities.  What if you didn’t hop from place to place in an attempt to get farther in less time? 

Less do-over, more doing. 



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The Road to Chaisa is paved with good intentions

Paper, plastic, metal, maggots, human waste. You can smell it long before you can see it, but no matter what direction you look, its all you see. To get across the ravine, there is a small bridge made of mismatched logs, covered by a flimsy sheet of jagged sheet metal that is contorted and rusted thin. A Tetanus shot waiting to happen. In the middle of the city is a one room church with a dirt floor, a dozen or so long wooden benches for pews, and missing doors and windows that eventually keep the smell out but always let the hot sun in. Welcome to Chaisa.

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Drivers Education

Raise your hand if you have less time to read now than you did a year ago. Yep. Me too. I miss my books — the cottony feel of the uncoated pages and the way their razor crisp corners form a perfect point. I love the clean edges that frame the words and how the not-quite-white […]

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#Let’s Talk

I used to say, “I talk for a living”, but now, a truer statement would be “I type for a living”. There are few things more frustrating than having a 10-minute conversation that takes three days of emailing.

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Just Ask

Today’s post is a response to the #ThinkKit Prompt for December 4: “Whether you asked for it our not, what good advice did you get this year?…Has the advice changed the way you think about the world?…Can you distill the message and help the rest of us out? ”

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