Ten answers to “How Was Your Trip?”

There is a battle of good against evil that manifests itself in both hidden and obvious ways. I was never more aware of it until this trip.

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The Road to Chaisa is paved with good intentions

Paper, plastic, metal, maggots, human waste. You can smell it long before you can see it, but no matter what direction you look, its all you see. To get across the ravine, there is a small bridge made of mismatched logs, covered by a flimsy sheet of jagged sheet metal that is contorted and rusted thin. A Tetanus shot waiting to happen. In the middle of the city is a one room church with a dirt floor, a dozen or so long wooden benches for pews, and missing doors and windows that eventually keep the smell out but always let the hot sun in. Welcome to Chaisa.

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Drivers Education

Raise your hand if you have less time to read now than you did a year ago. Yep. Me too. I miss my books — the cottony feel of the uncoated pages and the way their razor crisp corners form a perfect point. I love the clean edges that frame the words and how the not-quite-white […]

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#Let’s Talk

I used to say, “I talk for a living”, but now, a truer statement would be “I type for a living”. There are few things more frustrating than having a 10-minute conversation that takes three days of emailing.

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Just Ask

Today’s post is a response to the #ThinkKit Prompt for December 4: “Whether you asked for it our not, what good advice did you get this year?…Has the advice changed the way you think about the world?…Can you distill the message and help the rest of us out? ”

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